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Friday, 12 August 2016

Peter Powell Kites catalogue

This will be a rather unusual post for this blog, as it's not about a kite, but about a kite catalogue! Thanks to Charly Whitaker of Kite Classifieds for giving me first dibs on a 1991 catalogue from Peter Powell Kites in the US.

The catalogue consists of 22 pages, and came with a few inserts. It covers the range of Peter Powell kites available in 1991, from the classic diamond Stunters to several of the early dual-line deltas (Skyraker and Wing) and the Double Diamond quad kite.

Also included in the catalogue are a range of lines, straps and handles, as well as a page on single-liners.

A very interesting insert is the retail price list, including kites, spares, and accessories!

A standard diamond Stunter with plastic sail cost $29 back then, one with a tri-color ripstop sail cost $53.40, whereas the 6' Monster would have set you back $144. Skyrakers varied from $62 to $145, depending on sail and frame, and for the Wing you had to pay $135. The most expensive single kite on the list was a Skyblazer (shown on the cover of the catalogue): $195. But if you really wanted to splash out, you could order a 6-stack of tri-color ripstop diamond Stunters for $302.40.

What did the catalogue tell me about US Peter Powell kites that I didn't already know from other sources? Few things. First of all, I wasn't aware that Peter Powell also made single-liners in the US. Secondly, there was an American Mk III Stunter, which was an ultralight version, with a carbon frame, of the ripstop Mk II. And finally, The Skyraker came in more sail versions than I was aware of. I knew it came with 3-panel, 11-panel, and 'Illusion' graphics sails, but the price list also lists a 1-panel sail. The 'Stars & Stripes' version I showed in an earlier blog post was actually a separate version of the 11-panel sail, costing an extra $5 on top of the $85.

Fun bit of PP history! And if anyone reading this is looking for specific information from this catalogue; you know where to find me ...

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