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Monday, 26 February 2018

American ripstop Mk I

Even though I keep a close eye on both the UK and US eBay sites, the number of UK Peter Powell Stunters I see listed far outstrips the number of US-produced ones. Guess that could be a consequence of more PP Stunters produced in the UK compared to the US; or maybe Americans don't like to let their PP kites go! My gut feeling is that it is indeed due to production numbers.

But irrespective of the cause, the effect on my collection is that I have very few US-produced Stunters: one polythene Mk I and one ripstop Mk II. And that means I was very glad to be able to add a ripstop Mk I, in very good condition, to the collection!

Orange sail and, unusually, a purple tail. Original as far as I can tell, and the first purple PP tail I've come across.

Kite flies as you would from a vintage PP, as you can see in the video of its maiden flight (or, to be more precise, its maiden flight as part of my collection). Struggling a bit whenever the wind dropped, but mostly happily flying around, dragging its shiny purple tail (which, for some reason, refused to inflate):

Video credit: Piyush Patel

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