A blog detailing our collection of Peter Powell kites, and chronicling our flying of these kites. Plus a bit of PP kite history thrown in. Our collection to date can be seen here. I am keen to expand the collection, so if you have an old Peter Powell kite, whether made in the UK or the US, gathering dust and looking for a new home, why not get in touch? Depending on the kite (does it bring something new or different to my collection?), its condition (is it flyable? how much TLC does it need?), and the price you ask (+ shipping if from outside the UK), we may well be able to do a deal.

Monday, 28 May 2018

Wing #2

The first Peter Powell delta I got my hands on was a Wing. Now I wasn't specifically looking for another Wing, but when I bumped into one, for a very reasonable price, I just couldn't say no ...

So here's our Wing #2!

Like our #1 Wing, it develops quite a bit of pull when the wind picks up, and, as the sail is basically flat (no stand-offs), it needs to keep flying. Put it in a stall, or suddenly make it change direction, and you risk the kite dropping out of the sky. But if you maintain sail pressure, it tracks pretty well!

Obviously, as we now have a pair of Wings, we had to fly the two together.

As stated before, keep the kites moving, and they fly well together. They don't like tight circles, but as long as it's all kept moving and large, there is no problem flying the two Wings as a pair.

As before, I'm not specifically on the look-out for Wing #3, but should I bump into one with a blue-and-yellow sail, or, even better, one with the later 'zig-zag' sail pattern (black with yellow, lime or pink; any colour combination will do) ....

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