A blog detailing our collection of Peter Powell kites, and chronicling our flying of these kites. Plus a bit of PP kite history thrown in. Our collection to date can be seen here. I am keen to expand the collection, so if you have an old Peter Powell kite, whether made in the UK or the US, gathering dust and looking for a new home, why not get in touch? Depending on the kite (does it bring something new or different to my collection?), its condition (is it flyable? how much TLC does it need?), and the price you ask (+ shipping if from outside the UK), we may well be able to do a deal.

Saturday, 13 March 2021

And then there were two ...

Couple of years ago, I managed to get my hands on a Junior Stunter, a rather unusual Peter Powell kite. Never saw one before, and never seen one since, so it appears to be a pretty rare kite, quite possibly because it was never produced in large numbers. 

Having this blog public does have its advantages, because I got an email last month, asking me if I knew someone who was interested in a PP Junior Stunter .... Uhm, yes, me please!

Given the current lockdown, we are limited to the outdoor sports field down the road, but fortunately they're large enough to fly our second Junior on 30m lines.

Like the first one we got, this PP Junior clearly feels nimbler on the lines.

And as we have two now, we wouldn't be Flying Fish if we didn't fly them together, would we?

Because they're a bit more twitchy than a full-size PP, they weren't as easy to fly together, but flying them together we did!

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